everal other pavement marking test sites are located in the Eastern Region. Durable water paint is being tested on 2 different sites: Highway 60, West of Renfrew and on Highway 37, South of Tweed. This paint is applied at twice the thickness of regular water borne paint and uses a bigger glass bead. These markings did not require re-striping for three years - generally, water borne paint markings are re-striped on an annual basis. The retro reflectivity was good and the wear was exceptionally low during this period. As a matter of fact, the Highway 60 Eastbound edge line retro reflectance readings were a hundred units higher than some of the adjacent two-week-old regular water borne paint markings.

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Technologies such as stability-control systems, antilock brakes and better airbags are the primary reason U.S. highway fatalities have steadily declined for decades. Still, engineers around the world are working on ever better ideas for safety tech In an unprecedented move, Toyota will cease production and sales of eight models to fix a problem with the accelerator pedals. Here are the details

2011 BMW 5 Series Sport Sedan Test Drive
Among its peers, the BMW 5 Series has always been the most satisfying to drive. The competition, however, is catching up, so the question before us is this: Does the new 5 Series retain its engaging driving dynamics?

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